Evidenced, Fit-For-Purpose, Automated Designs Within Seconds

dynaMX® lets you produce evidenced designs almost instantaneously, to help you deliver projects accurately and on-time

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M&E support designs in just a few minutes

Evidence-based designs in just a few clicks

Save on design time, material and labour costs.

Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Designs

As an M&E contractor, you know the pressure of having a looming project deadline whilst waiting for M&E support designs. With dynaMX®, you're in control.

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What Does dynaMX® Offer?

In construction and M&E, time is invaluable. But relying on others for designs often leads to project delays, skyrocketing costs, and leaves room for human error.

On top of that, the recent Building Safety regulations mandate evidence behind all supports & bracketry. It's no wonder that you might feel frustrated and under pressure.

dynaMX® can help you answer these needs. It's a revolutionary online bracket configurator that's designed by industry professionals for the M&E sector - in particular, common and repeatable designs such as trapeze brackets and AHU frames.

Within minutes, you could have an evidence-based design - one that could normally take hours to produce - based on your project-specific requirements.

Along with the design, you get a technical report that demonstrates the in-depth engineering calculations that went into it your design; essential for the Golden thread.

dynaMX® welcomes a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and automation.

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Be Confident in Your Efficient & Optimised M&E Support Designs

Compliant designs for common and repeatable M&E brackets shouldn't be so complicated or time-consuming to create - nor should they always require a Design & Engineering team. Now, you can rely on yourself and accurate data alone, saving you time and money. dynaMX® also optimises your designs to reduce material waste, costs, and carbon footprint while still achieving the desired load capacities - a solution tailored to your project's exact needs, without the need for over-engineering!

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Seamless Integration With the MX Channel System

Designed to work hand-in-glove with the MIDFIX MX Channel System, dynaMX® ensures that every solution is not only optimised but fully compliant with the highest standards of safety and performance, and allows you to produce a technical report that includes all of the MX Channel System load data.

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Evidence for the Golden Thread

The technical report acts as tangible evidence that meticulous calculations have been made to ensure the brackets are fit-for-purpose. Should the Building Safety Regulator ask for proof behind your M&E installations, you can rest assured that you have it, and become known for your reliable M&E supports!

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Get Started With dynaMX®

Three steps to fast, safe and efficient M&E support bracketry:


Book a demo

Engage early with us and book a demonstration to learn exactly how to use dynaMX® - it's straightforward!


Configure your bracketry

Use the input fields to specify your load requirements, material specifications, spacing constraints, etc. to design your bracket.


Request your order

Once you're happy with the design, you can specify your bracketry and request your order - just like that, job done!

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How Can dynaMX® Help You?

With dynaMX®, you no longer need to rely on external parties for fit-for-purpose designs. All the evidence and data behind the MX Channel System means dynaMX® can do all the work for you, transforming the tedious task of bracket configuration into a streamlined, error-free process.

What does that mean for you? You can save hours of time and labour. Not only does that save you costs and prevent project delays, but you can also use that time wisely to work on other projects, whilst also having evidence behind all of your installations, polishing your reputation as an efficient and compliant M&E contractor. Be prepared to win many more projects!

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