Make evidenced-based M&E supports your competitive advantage

Evidencing M&E supports is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It is becoming a necessity. Tier 1 contractors now expect evidence from M&E contractors on all building services support installations. Can you evidence your installation?

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Maximise safe installations

Attract Tier 1 contractors

Evidence all building service supports

Evidence your M&E support installations

Without evidence behind your M&E support brackets, you could be negatively impacting your costs and harming your reputation. The MX Channel system helps you solve these challenges.

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What is the MX Channel system?

MIDFIX MX is a tested channel system for engineered supports. It's designed to answer the needs of the M&E sector for a quality-assured support system for building services installations for contractors.

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Maximise safe installations

By specifying the MX channel system and training your installers, you reduce the risk of costly rework and reputational damage. If challenged you can demonstrate that the structure you have installed can take the load applied to it and that the supports and fixings are fit for purpose.

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Minimise material waste and costs

The MX tested channel system removes the need to 'over-engineer' whilst reducing material costs and embedded carbon emissions.

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Play a part in moving the sector forward

You'll be known for 'best practice' M&E installations and as a result you will attract Tier 1 contractors and win more projects.

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Evidence your M&E supports

Three steps to best practice for pipe and cable supports:


Specify MX channel system

Obtain the necessary evidence to show that M&E supports are fit for purpose.


Train your workforce

Complete the online courses to competently design and assemble support brackets.


Document your installation

Make sure your bracket designs are fully documented (including training certification).

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How is the MX Channel System Different?

You want to be a leading M&E contractor.

Who wouldn't?

But what's getting in the way of embedding best practice is the squeezed profit margins that often come with it. You're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We believe all building service supports should be evidenced, and that shouldn't be at a premium. That's where MX comes in. 

It isn't just another tested channel system - 3 years of testing provides us with unrivalled data to ensure that the MX Channel System is fit-for-purpose, efficient, cost-effective, and most importantly, compliant.

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Having worked in the M&E Industry 15 Years, the MX Channel System and the test evidence & training that goes with it is a breath of fresh air. For too long we have over engineered our bracket systems with safety in mind, but without any evidence to provide that the brackets will take the service load. Using the MX Channel system has allowed us to effectively design our channel brackets with peace of mind and evidence to support our design. We can now offer our clients a comprehensive technical submission and design for our standard channel type arrangements on our projects. With the added benefit of the product range remaining the same, and the system evidence and design guide being provided at no extra cost.

Lewis Hudson - Project Manager

H.E. Barnes

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The MX Channel System will save us time, cost and bracketry because it is a good way to evidence what we have done and I believe that the MX Channel System will save us wasting materials. I spent a bit of time looking at suppliers and chose MIDFIX. I looked at Hilti and Fischer, they both provide a similar system and after weighing up the options we decided on your one. MIDFIX channel system is a right solution for the road that we are taking to make sure bracketry is tested.

M&E Contractor

Principal Contract Manager